Occasional jottings and some choir concert recordings

  • Joy of Singing Christmas Concert 2019

    This is an edited / amplified set of recordings from the concert. The tracks are below the titles! You can listen to the tracks on this site, or you can download the whole concert or individual tracks in m4a (iTunes) format from this Dropbox folder link. Apologies in advance for the fact that some coughs got…

  • Proud spouse

    … so I have to tell you about (and encourage you to watch) Sue’s TEDx talk:

  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

    Back earlier in the year we entered a Comic Relief prize draw and won two tickets to go and see this and meet the cast. Last week we did just that, and here we are with them. Worth seeing just for the way they manage to perform magic live on stage without CGI.

  • Our garden – illustrated!

    Our good friend, and illustrator for our Wellbeing Stories (https:wellbeingstories.com), Beth Stanley visited and stayed – and of course drew while she stayed. This is her view of our garden!

  • Joy of Singing Concert 17 July 2019

    Here are recordings of all of the songs and the introductions. Each song is below the title. You should be able to download the songs to add to iTunes or a media player in most browsers by right-clicking on the song and selecting “Save as …”. NB you can download the whole concert in a…

  • Joy of Singing Christmas Concert 2018

    This is an edited set of recordings from the concert – I never did get round to adding the matching video from Karen’s ‘phone to the tracks! You should be able to download the tracks by right-clicking or ctrl-clicking on each one. You can also download the whole concert in one go from this link:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mtdf4v2cki40dnm/AADd11eddCtIFPOJf_8wMdZZa?dl=0…

  • Ally Pally Theatre seat!

    Here is Sue sitting in our sponsored seat in the Victorian, newly-restored Alexandra Palace Theatre …

  • What Leave are campaigning for won’t happen if they win – here’s why

    What Leave are campaigning for won’t happen if they win – here’s why

    Now that a Leave vote is looking a real possibility, I thought it was worth writing down what I think is likely to happen if they win, since there has been a lot of exaggeration on both sides, as well as significant misinformation from the Leave camp. Of course, the actual outcome is essentially unpredictable,…

  • Will the rich really run away from higher tax? And if so, does it matter?

    Whenever high taxes on the super-rich are up for discussion, we frequently hear the argument (usually from the super-rich or their friends!) that this will result in a devastating loss of talent and investment as these individuals flee the country. But is this really going to happen? And, if some do leave, will it really…

  • What are Oil Reserves?

    What are oil reserves? Nobody knows. OPEC Rules divi up the production cap according to stated reserves, so when they adopted that rule, declared reserves jumped without any new oil finds, and no-one ever accepts that their reserves have been depleted at all by the fact that they are taking some out.