Category: Political Economy

  • Wedging the climate

    No one strategy can do all that we need to stop dangerous climate change. We need to follow several strategies simultaneously – but which ones? And are there solutions without nuclear power?

  • Rita, Katrina, Oil and the Economy

    “Commentators at the positive end had already started writing their “why the world economy survived Katrina” pieces within a week or so of the disaster. The (economic) question is – will US consumer confidence (and market confidence generally) survive Rita? I leave for others the shorter term questions around whether the US authorities learned enough […]

  • Structural Separation won’t go away, however much Telstra would prefer it to

    [Piece I wrote in the Exchange newsletter] Paul Chapman’s Ex Cathedra of 14 February 2003 pointed out some flaws in the precipitate decision to pull the plug on the inquiry into structural separation of Telstra. In my opinion, the flaws run much deeper than Paul set out. Senator Alston’s intemperate little tirade in the AFR […]

  • Will Global Convergence in Telecoms Lead to Global Oligopoly?

    [This was published in the handbook for the ITU’s global Telecom ’99 conference] The telecommunications market is used to continuous change, but the changes currently under way are of an unprecedented scale. Despite the massive increases in traffic from both voice and data applications, the supply of infrastructure capacity is growing at an even greater rate, with […]